1. 36V 20 AH eBike Battery with charger (Black)

    36V 20 AH eBike Battery with charger

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  2. 36V 20Ah E-Bike Battery With Rack

    Be sure to charge the new battery fully before using for the first time. Battery will reach it's max capacity after 3-5 times of full charging and discharging. If the environment temperature is above 40 C the battery longevity will be shorten. Therefore in the hot summer day, don't expose the battery in direct sunlight. The best working temperature of the battery is 15-40 C. When the battery is powered off, an immediate charging is needed, which will greatly help extend the battery's cycle life. If you need to store the battery for a long time keep the battery at half charged state and charge it for around one hour every other month. Don't immerge the battery in the water or other liquid. Handle with care, do not shake. Don't place any heavy objects on battery pack.

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  3. 48V 15Ah Lithium E-Bike Battery

    48V 15Ah Lithium E-Bike Battery

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  4. 36V 10Ah Bottle Battery

    Can be fitted on Bottle Frame Mount Suitable up to 350 Watts Includes Battery Charger 42V 2Ah with Australian Plug.

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  5. 72V 15Ah battery with INR18650-25R, 20S6P

    72V 15Ah battery with INR18650-25R, 20S6P, 50A continuous, 100A pulse, 3A charger, 500mm discharging wire with XT-90

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