All products come with a 12 months warranty against defective workmanship This warranty covers material and manufacturing defects in the motor itself, and not issues related to installation. For instance, the following items would not be covered by our motor warranty. Please see our returns policy for terms and agreements. This warranty does not cover abuse or neglect – e.g exposing products to extremes of heat, immersion in liquid, motors that are run for prolonged periods at well beyond their rated power levels, chronically over or undercharging batteries (e.g. leaving the batteries flat for weeks ). Batteries with no Battery Management System (BMS), overvoltage of hub motors and controllers, not fitting right size fuse to controller to battery. Fuse must match controller amperage, not fitting torque arms to both side on all hub motors. Any modification to controller or hub motor for example removing connectors, cutting wires, opening case would void warranty. Kits and hub motors should be fitted by a qualified mechanic. All products will be tested under warranty by a qualified technician.


Overheating damage: Motors that are run for prolonged periods at well beyond their rated power levels will eventually get so hot inside as to cook the windings. This results in the enamel burning off the copper wire, the plastic insulation melting on the phase wires, demagnetization of the rare-earth magnets, and vapourization of oil from the ball bearings. If you want to avoid this, then keep the input power of Crystalyte 400 series motors below 1000 watts, and the Crystalyte 5300 motor below 2000 watts. Damage caused from running the motors above these levels is not covered under warranty. Higher power levels can work fine for short time periods, but in sustained use the above problems will show up.



Problems resulting from Axle Spin-out. The most common reason motors need servicing is because the axle is not properly restrained from spinning in the bicycle dropout. That is an installation issue and not a faulty motor issue. In fact, it means that the motor is doing exactly as it should. You can get axle spinout from: forgetting to adequately tighten the nuts, regen systems causing nuts to loosen, NOT FITTING TORQUE ARMS TO BOTH SIDES ON ALL HUB MOTORS, inadequate dropout strength, etc. When a spinout occurs, it can damage the threads on the axle, it can sever the motor phase wires, it can short the phase wires against your hall sensors and fry the hall chips, and it can also cause your bike to crash and have other consequences. All of these things can be repaired, BUT NONE WILL BE UNDER WARRANTY.



Is 2 torque arm BOTH SIDES really necessary for all setup?

The answer to this question is "yes, you must always have 2 torque arm installed with any hub motor setup..." The reality is that for many years torque arms were pretty rare in e-bike conversions, without issue. But with people pushing the motors to higher power levels, and with the proliferation of weaker alloy suspensions forks, the need for 2 torque arms is a must.

Please Note: All products will be tested prior to issuing a credit. Credits will not be given if you change your mind or no longer require the products.

*There is 7 day warranty on second hand products.

Shop Rates

For non-warranty repair and service work on ebike parts, our standard shop rate is $60/hr, or $90/hr for rush jobs